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Jean Jacques Joseph Brun or JJ, as he is also known internationally, is a man who is purpose-driven. In 1999, after serving the Canadian Forces (15 years within the Intelligence Branch) he founded DHC Training & Consulting Group Inc., a training company dedicated to inform and enlighten people on the subject of Human Behavior and effective communication practices. He has seen firsthand the revelation such knowledge can bring to personal and professional relationships.

DHC Training & Consulting Group is founded on the belief that knowledge of Human Behavior is a skill that should be shared to enrich individuals and organizations. Anyone looking to better understand themselves and other people will find what they need with JJ.

Speaking to everyone from industry leaders to students, JJ has helped thousands of people learn to relate and communicate more effectively in their own business and personal lives. His years of service within Human Intelligence (HUMINT) of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch fostered his interest in how people think and act the way they do. Through JJ’s unique application of the DISC Model of Human Behavior and his Enhanced Investigative Interviewing (EII) course, JJ provides the keys to recognizing what certain behavior indicates and how to interpret and respond to that information.

JJ draws on his many years of experience in the field of Human Behavior and intelligence to bring clarity to his keynote presentations, training and consulting work. Leaders and decision makers around the globe turn to JJ to get them moving in the right direction, towards more effective communication.

Ensuring communication is clear right from the start, saves immense amounts of time and effort. Learning about the communication needs and styles of other people, learning to recognize them and adapt to them, is the key to being a more effective communicator. This ability is useful from the boardroom to the living-room, from casual conversation to conflict resolution. JJ has committed his life and his business to the principles of Human Behavior and communication. That commitment shines through in everything he does.

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