Operative Speaker Coaching Program

The Operative Speaker Coaching Program assists individuals who are committed to becoming professional speakers, workshop leaders, trainers or facilitators. The coaching program’s primary focus is on the business of speaking.

Elements of the Operative Speaker Coaching Program work together to provide a broad range of support, information and accountability to help begin to develop the key pieces required for a speaking business.

The learning sessions are crucial to your professional development. By completing all of the work assignments you will be able to make better progress throughout the program.

Fast Track to . . . SUCCESS!

Accountability is an important part of the Operative Speaker Coaching Program. Participants are expected to be teachable, have the attitude of “I’m Responsible” and complete all the work assignments. The Participants’ different skill levels are acknowledged. Although the Operative Coaching Program Participants pursue similar tasks, they are achieved at the level best appropriate for them.

The Operative Speaker Coaching Program has often been referred to being on a high speed train. Once you have purchased your ticket (coaching program) you will board the train; the train will be making 6 stops before arriving at the final destination:

STOP #1…Choosing Your Lane & Expertise
STOP #2…Business Set Up & Organization
STOP #3…Branding & Markerting
STOP #4…Your Speaker One Pager & Website
STOP #5…Sales & Defining Your Fees
STOP #6…Presentation Skills

Case Study . . . Sylvio (Syd) A. Gravel, M.O.M.

The Problem…
When Staff Sergeant Syd Gravel retired from the Ottawa Police, his first inclination for a second career was to rely on his experience in workplace diversity. And although he realized that he was a subject matter expert on workplace diversity – he had no passion. Without this passion, everything that he had built his hopes and dreams on as speaker crumbled before him.

The Solution…
Syd enrolled in the Speaker Coaching Program that JJ delivered on behalf of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). Syd credits JJ’s ability to decoding his human capital and for helping him find his real passion. The Speaker Coaching Program catapulted Syd into a successful businessman as a writer, speaker and trainer.

The Value…
Syd now devotes his time and energy on the development of resilience and resistance to trauma within the emergency and enforcement environments. His first book, “56 Seconds”, 2012, tells the gripping real life story of how his life took a dramatic turn in just 56 seconds; which also became Syd’s first best seller. Since then he has gone on to write “How to Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support”, 2013, (which is required reading at Hamilton’s Mohawk College third year Health and Wellness Program.) “Workplace Diversity – How to Get It Right!”, 2014, and his latest book due out in 2016, “Walk the Talk – A Peer and Trauma Support Systems Guide”.

For Syd, finding this meaningful work meant turning his mess into a message. JJ’s human capital strategies helped him get his business off the ground, not only in terms of finding his passion but by also providing the marketing, sales and presentation skills support. Today Syd’s clients include numerous police services such as the Ontario Provincial Police, York Regional Police and Peel Regional Police. He also serves as the national lead for the Peer and Trauma Support Services Team for the Mood Disorders Society of Canada and is on the Board of Directors for Badge of Life Canada. Syd has made numerous television appearances such as CBC’s The National, TVO’s The Agenda, and on CBC’s Radio shows Ottawa Morning and Ontario Today.

“I would like to acknowledge JJ for being my coach, mentor as well as my friend who greatly contributed to the success of my first book 56 seconds – the gripping real life story of a shootist and how he survived post-traumatic stress disorder.”
– Sylvio A. Gravel, M.O.M. & (Ret’d) Staff Sergeant for the Ottawa Police

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