“Good tool…we will now have a common language in Human Resources…good modelling of facilitation!”

Debbie CoughlinSenior Director of Human ResourcesCadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd

“I have a better understanding of the DISC personality style (DISC Model of Human Behavior) and how to facilitate a learning workshop.” 

Amalia KlinakisOrganizational Development ManagerCadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd

Hello JJ, I wanted to thank you very much for honoring your commitment in allowing me to participate in a live session with Carl (Smith) to allow for the engagement experience.  I had a great time with a group of fabulous trainers and a great master trainer.  I felt very blessed to have experienced the 1:1 session we had which was very enriching and inspiring for me to share some of your key nuggets during the session.  You have a true talent to train others and you know ‘you have it going on’ when you are that much more powerful over the phone.

One of the things I appreciated about our session is that you continued to plant the seed in my head of the earning potential and taking the show on the road.  I’m getting closer to moving in that direction with this great tool, that daily I become more and more eager to  release my DISC passion first to my circle and then move outward accordingly. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU.

Michelle PerkinsTraining Instructor - Talent ManagementNEC Corporation of America

One of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of meeting/being taught!

Pierre MajorSenate of Canada - Corporate Security

I would like to acknowledge JJ for being my coach, mentor as well as my friend who greatly contributed to the success of my first book 56 seconds – the gripping real life story of a shootist and how he survived post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sylvio (Syd) A. Gravel, M.O.M. Ret’d Staff Sergeant for the Ottawa Police

I have studied other programs, but this On-Line DISC Certification Program is by far the best! It exceeded my expectations! JJ did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!! He shared with me that he was a D/C style blend on our call before the program started, so I was expecting this to be ALL BUSINESS, but he adapted very well to my style and made me feel comfortable and I think we connected quite well! I look forward to staying in touch and working with him in the future!

Billie Jo WhitePresidentBJ White Coaching

The DISC seminar that you presented was one of those courses that both Frances and I will remember for many years to come – you certainly set the very high standard, JJ, on how to present a DISC seminar extremely well. You were clearly very well prepared, extremely well organized, highly motivated, very knowledgeable, friendly, humorous and sincerely encouraging to the participants – it will be a real challenge for us to try to match your very high standard!

Gunars BalodisCo-FounderMusic for Young Children

The opening day insight into the Model of Human Behaviour made it clear how beneficial this is in communicating with others and in understanding the actions of others. This will be useful in my teaching of young children and in relating to their parents. The information is captivating – sticking in one’s mind long after JJ’s and Dr. Robert Rohm’s presentation. Realizing that everyone has their blended style, this approach is not a label. It is a catalyst to bringing about effective partnerships personally and professionally.

Frances M. BalodisPresident/Co-FounderMusic for Your Children

JJ…where to start? What a gift you have given me. The gift of knowledge, the gift of self-discovery, the gift of opportunity. The etiquette consultant in me says that this is one that it’s definitely OK to re-gift! In the past I have been in courses for several months with the same people and never felt a connection like I have in the past three days during your DISC Certification event. Yes, the subject matter and the openness contributed greatly, but it was the facilitation that made it happen. Thank you! I’m looking forward to our next chat. The possibilities are endless – with gratitude.

Suzanne NoursePresident/FounderProtocol School of Ottawa

Very effective tool to help a team identfy their temperment/personality through the Model of Human Behaviour and discover how their uniquness can best contribute to fulfill the mission by influencing human behaviour to build a better work environment and utlimately a better world. JJ is a well organized, gifted speaker and trainer but he is most of all trustworthy and a man of character and integrity. It has been a privilege and a joy to be trained by JJ in the Model of Human Behavior. I’ve used this training is gaining a better understanding of myself and the people I interact with. The DHC Training & Consulting Group training’s has been useful with my family, my deployment in Afghanistan and my role as a leadership trainer. I would highly recommend JJ and DHC Training and Consulting Group.

Pierre BergeronLt-Colonel Military Chaplain

I see many uses for the DISC Model.  Mostly for Parish or Chaplain Teams working together – as conflicts always pop-up.  I was also interested in the children programs and the possible use of them at a bible school.

Paul GaudetCaptain Military Chaplain

I have known Mr Brun since 1996 when he worked for me in the Canadian Forces (CF) as an Intelligence Operator and later as a civilian Intelligence Officer. He is certified as a Master Trainer and is an expert in the application of: Interview, Debriefing, and Elicitation techniques; Behavioural Systems Analysis; and the DISC Model of Human Behaviour. He is also a Basic Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming.

Among his many accomplishments in the field of HUMINT, Mr Brun was a Contact Handler in the Balkans and the Senior Debriefing Officer in the CF Strategic Debriefing Program; he developed the CF HUMINT Candidate Assessment Program; and he was instrumental in developing the post-9/11 CF HUMINT Training Program. His latest accomplishment was the creation of a HUMINT Training Program based on the DISC Model of Human Behaviour.

I have a weakness for good people – Mr Brun is one of the best.

P.D.R. Crandell Colonel (Retd)Director of CF Joint Intelligence Operations J2 Operations 1996-2001

JJ is one of the most dependable and hard working people I have ever met. He is a man of character and integrity. His word is his bond! I have worked with literally thousands of people over the years and most have been average. However, JJ has proven himself time and again to seperate himself from the rest of the pack and, like cream, always rise to the top. I highly recommend JJ in anything he does!

Dr Robert RohmPresident & FounderPersonality Insights, Inc

DHC Training & Consulting Group not only met our expectations, they in fact EXCEED ON ALL OF THEM!

Paul J. DyerSenior Corporate Relations OfficerGovernment of Canada

I’ve been consulting with JJ Brun on some upcoming projects and he has been simply amazing.  He has a unique ability to see through to the true core of what needs to be done and articulate solutions in a clear, direct but easily digestible manner.  I leave our sessions with not just volumes of ideas but specific action steps that I know will lead my company to achieve higher levels of success than previously anticipated.  It is obvious that he is well versed in understanding the steps necessary to guide individuals and companies to reach their full potential.  I highly recommend JJ Brun for individual or organizational coaching, training or consulting.

John LittlePresident & FounderThe Winner's Edge Consulting, Inc.

A++ Exellent…this program (Decoding Human Capital – How to Make Sence of the People Puzzles) is good program for our organization.

Roger BouchardDND/CF Ombudsman

I will most difinitely use the DISC (Model of Human Behaviour) in my day to day work – thank you.

Serge JoncasDND/CF Ombudsman

Very enlightening and presented in a fun and interactive manner.

Paul KennedyDND/CF Ombudsman

This program (Decoding Human Capital – How to Make Sense of the People Puzzles) has improved my self-awareness and to be more sensitive to how I approach others.

Melanie O'RourkeDND\CF Ombudsman

I notice that you’ve given us but a fraction of what we require to read other people – you’ve wet my appetite.

Gilles MadoreDND/CF Ombudsman

Interacting with people is what makes my job – in fact, any job – interesting and gratifying. Particularly as a Government Executive, I have thus found that DHC Training & Consulting Group – DISC training session that I have attended most pertinent and ‘bang on’. Understanding and appreciating others’ fundamental personality traits, including our very own and how best to capitalize on each other’s strengths, can only result in a more stimulating and optimal work environment. This in turn not only helps an organization perform optimally, but more importantly makes work very enjoyable and rewarding.

Jacques HainsSpecial Advisor to the CEO Canadian Intellectual Property

I am involved in a million activities and cannot complete any of them successfully all by myself. I need people – I need to understand them and they need to understand me in order to enhance productivity. My boss and my staff will read my profile. I hope to be able to read theirs someday. Overall excellent!

Fred JardineSenior Program ManagerLockheed Martin Canada

DHC Training & Consulting Group was the best investment I have ever made in a learning and development seminar.

Robert (Bob) LambeRegional DirectorGeneral Central and Arctic Region Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Over the years, I have taken a great deal of training in the area of social interaction but I have to say JJ provided new insight, a different perspective and highly applicable information throughout his courses. The information JJ provides will benefit communications in the workplace and in the home. JJ’s style is structured and direct allowing the agenda to stay on track, which I truly appreciated.

Cheryl-Ann WebsterAward Winning Artist & Speaker

I work with a number of experts and JJ Brun is in the top of his field. His message resonates with his audiences. They relate to his personal stories, which are loaded with powerful practical strategies that unlock the people puzzle. People leave his sessions with information that they put to use right away. JJ is an expert speaker who I would recommend to any organization.

Sean O'DeaCairncroft Management Ltd

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