DISC Advanced Behavioral Studies – Level 2

Application-Focused . . . Advanced DISC Training

Are you ready to hone your skills and increase your ability to positively impact and lead others? Do you need to develop greater understanding and learn new ways to apply leadership insights in your life? Come experience what other professionals are “raving” about as being one of the best training they have experienced for business and personal development!

To lead effectively, you must continue to grow and learn. You cannot rely totally upon past or even current skill sets. It is necessary to consistently “sharpen” our tools in order to be the best we can be in business and in our personal life.

In this dynamic, in-depth and interactive training, you will discover:

  • How your personality style affects your leadership style
  • Strategies for building better teams
  • How to identify your internal & external motivators and of others
  • Secret insights into how to gain peak performance from team members
  • How to decrease turnover by hiring the right person for the job
  • How to create a healthy work environment
  • How to help reduce stress (conflict) and increase productivity

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