DISC behavioral Studes – Level 3

Speakers Boot Camp – Learn the Skills of Professional Speakers

The DISC Behavioral Studies – Level 3 . . . Speakers Boot Camp is a training program to assists individuals who are committed to becoming professional speakers, workshop leaders, trainers and facilitators. The program’s primary focus is on the improving speaking skills and the business of speaking. Elements of the program work together to provide a broad range of support, information and accountability to help begin to develop the key pieces required for a speaking business.

This training program provides a framework, supported by practical examples that demonstrates a sound integration of speaking techniques, business strategies and marketing activities required to successfully incorporate your products and/or services with the 5 key marketplaces: business, government, education, ministry/non-profit and individual/parenting.

Do you . . .

  • Have to give presentations for your job?
  • Dread speaking in front of a group?
  • Want to be a powerful and effective communicator? 

FEAR of public speaking is the #1 fear – second only to death by fire! Speakers Boot Camp is a fear buster! In it you will discover:

  • Prepare convincing presentations
  • Plan the elements of dynamic presentations
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Personalize for the people in your audience
  • Presentation tips and techniques
  • Persuade for action 

Receive instruction directly from Robert Rohm, Ph.D. and several of his seasoned MASTER TRAINERS.

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